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Our after school club is dedicated to the older children and comprises of many different activities, including internet access to create interest and promote research. The children also have an area where they can prepare their own snacks. At Small World Nurseries in Castleton we also organise external trips for the older children in our care. Get in touch with us today for to enquire about our after school club.

Overall development of your child

Small World Nurseries in Castleton has over 15 years of experience in child care services. Our family run business has gained excellent reputation for delivering care for your children. We understand that between the ages of 0 to 11, children grow physically and their skills and coordination are also rapidly increasing. Routines and play way methods are followed to keep the consistency in their lives.


Our practitioners provide them with opportunities to cater to overall development for groups of children. Outdoor play, story time, music and movement, puppet shows, and sensory and exploratory play are encouraged to develop motor skills and imagination.

Our trained and qualified practitioners also deliver baby moves. This is based on neurological research and helps to increase baby’s physical development. It promotes skills such as bonding, attachment, communication and language. For more information please visit

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We help children to understand their emotions and develop their relationships with other children through empathy and concern.

Healthy and hearty babies

Fun filled activities for older children

Helping your child explore, experiment and discover a whole new world

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