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We recognize the curriculum is more than what appears in planning, or a series of activities. We believe curriculum is everything that happens in the classroom, from interactions and meals to singing and playing. We never miss an opportunity to educate. Our passionate and engaging practitioners at Small World Nurseries in Whitworth will give your child endless opportunities to grow, learn, and imagine.

A home away from home

A child blooms in an environment with cheerful ambience. When a child is comfortable, he or she will interact better with both the practitioner and other children. At Small World Nurseries in Whitworth we aim to provide children with learning experiences which they can enjoy.


We promote learning through songs, movements and gestures, dramatization and other creative activities in a bright and delightful environment. Thus ensuring overall development of a child through play.

•   Cognitive development

•   Creative expression

•   Communication and literacy development

•   Physical development and wellness

•   Personal, social and emotional development

Our trained practitioners will promote the overall development of your child through play.  Get in touch with us today

Our nurseries help children gain self-esteem. We enhance confidence by providing activities to help children become problem solvers and develop their love for learning.

Our curriculum helps your child with:

Curriculum designed to bring out the best

Enriching your child’s knowledge

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