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Stimulating learning methods

At Small World Nurseries in Lancashire, children learn through a balance of play, adult led activities and repetition. We help children become more independent. Several skills are introduced to the children through daily routines and cooperative play. They are also taught to be more vocal as this helps in language development.

Overall development of your child

At Small World Nurseries, children are given the support they need to grow socially, physically and emotionally in a safe and secure environment. We use high quality security systems, an exceptional and proprietary curriculum, and a well-equipped, clean and organised environment.


We take pride in our structured, yet playful environment. Our curriculum helps your child to master the skills of learning. Our program introduces children to be more inquisitive with stimulating activities and group interaction. We provide children a world of opportunity to gain confidence and knowledge.

We understand the importance of a calming yet stimulating environment for children to thrive in. We provide children with the appropriate tools for optimum stimulation for growth and development. Music is also an integral part of our curriculum, we offer weekly sessions of jacappella.

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We are committed to providing a caring nursery environment where your child can learn to develop through hands-on activities. We are dedicated to help your child become more confident and curious learners.

Learning through play

Helping your child to be independent and inquisitive

“Small world Nurseries Ltd at The Rookeries is great!! The environment is safe and excellent for my children to learn and develop in. The hours my children attend are flexible and the support from the staff is brilliant”- Rosie Shawclough.

Innovative and stimulating learning methods

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